I’m Back Baby!

Well sort of!

Ok, the site is live again and looks like babies first word press at the moment so please bare with me lol.

So, Heres the important info in summary until I can turn this site into something functional!

I am CluelessEvil (Evil preferred, thanks), I am a gamer and artist among other things. I work in television as a layout artist by day, sleep like the dead by night, and stream by weekend! I like to play a lot of survival and building games, I have a soft spot for indie games and often tinker on designs for my own game ideas, comics, and show pitches!

Check out my twitter for stream times, videos and artwork at:

I stream whenever I get the chance over at:
Like I said this is usually a weekend deal operating in the Eastern Time Zone. I’m currently really into Fallout 4 and planning to restart my Minecraft series on stream.

Missed the stream or want to catch up on roughly 600 Let’s Play episodes of natural selection on overdrive? Check out my Youtube channel at:
I have played a LOT of Don’t Starve, among a variety or other things, if there is a way to die in a game I can assure you I’ve found it!

Thats pretty much it for now. I’ve got a short list of things to take care of to get this site looking good and running properly¬†but its going. I appreciate your patients on the matter.

Take Care!

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